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In January, I plan to open commissions. I think I may simply do free slots rather than themed even though all you've seen of my contemporary art are furs yanking off their human disguises. So that might be a bit of a gamble. Still, it'll give me something to practice.

What I wanted to know is this: How many subscribers do I need before anyone asks for a commission? How many pieces in my gallery do I need?

These might seem like obvious questions. I mean, obviously the only way anyone can even find my account is through others' favorites tab (thank you all, by the way) or through hashtags.

I intend to make this my full-time business, both the artistic and literary aspect, and, if luck would have it, the musical aspect as well. I don't expect a fortune out of this, just enough to pay my rent and feed myself. I have no intention of going back to official employment as of 12-15-16, so I really want this to work out. Any advice you have to offer would be welcome.

I need some advice


15 December 2016 at 11:52:22 MST

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    I've never tried this myself, so I'm not sure I'd know very well, but for what it's worth, here's my two cents: most people won't ask until your profile status shows that you're open for commissions, so I'd go ahead and open them. And I suppose that if I were to make art and story commissions my full time job, I'd also find as many ways to spread, communicate, and advertise--basically, I'd use ALL the community websites!
    I mean, you've probably thought about these yourself, but I figured I'd mention them anyways, seeing as you asked. All I have left to say is good luck! And if not luck, than wisdom.

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      Thanks, will do.

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      I mean, as soon as I put together my pricing info.