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MFF queue and Fur squared updates by Sage116

Well now that I have a minute I think I'll post up some updates. Midwest Furfest was fun but really slow. My silly ass set up in the wrong room and it was too busy to change it sooooooooo customers became far and few. I got to spend time with a good friend and meet a bunch of other furs in person. The only real draw back was it was much more crowded than what I'm used to. To all the folks that commissioned me this year thank you very much. If you would like to check up on the Queue, the link is below. I will try to send each of you the updates as soon as they're done. Outside of art I do work a full time job, so updates can be slower than other artists so please be patient. Unfortunately since MFF was a bust I will not be able to afford Anthro con this year. Instead I will be going to Fur Squared for their horror theme next year. This would be my first time trying out their Artist Alley so here hoping.

MFF queue and Fur squared updates


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