SO Swamped! by SorenKisamora

WELL I was for awhile!

I apologize for a lack of updates for awhile. on some sites it's easier with status updates and all that. Around September when I started gathering Money for a Pc upgrade I was suddenly -Very- popular and had back to back Commissions until this Month. It was quite a Grind! with them done I am back to my slower pace for the moment, giving me time to recover. I got some Illness a weekish back that just won't let go of me [down to a terribly painful cough that I can't seem to drop]. With it almost cleared up i'm hoping to vamp back up on my Commission Hunt without getting so swamped again that I forget to work on my own personal stuff.

so YEP, still alive! still making arts and getting more Arts! still open for Commission and all that :P Thanks to everyone for all their Favs, all my new Watchers and anyone that talks to me in General. You guys are the best <3.

SO Swamped!


10 December 2016 at 19:16:54 MST

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