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Commissions OPEN by Zeta-Haru

Hey all, I'm finally opening for commissions

But something important to mention is that I will only be working on these during the next year, they won't be rushed.

I've noticed that simple ideas for commissions are the ones I look foward the most, there's less stress I believe. So if you go for a simple idea I guess you're raising your chances for getting a slot!

I'm also looking foward to adding more lewd content to my art gallery so I guess that works too :P

I'm opening for 10 SLOTS.

Fill the commission form here:

If you get a slot I will be getting in contact within a week for details and payment ^^

Sorry for the lack of updates on the Weekend 2 comic, I moved in with my boyfriend recently and we're still figuring out the routine.

As always, thanks for you support and for understanding. I'm excited to read all the commission ideas!

Commissions OPEN


10 December 2016 at 16:11:46 MST

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