Busy life, Boop! by SwirlySpotBean

Hi guys/gal! I'm still alive despite me quite here. I just want to let you guys know that I'm trying to get back on track but atm it's going to take some time since being busy. As of late we had people quit from my work; One quit after only 2 days of working, he he. So I've been picking up the slack leftovers resulting of me doing a lot of overtime. It's been draining me mentally and physically; All I do is eat and go home to sleep. Mentally it's been making depress so it's hard to keep motivation when I feel everything clinging weight to me. Physically it's been making me exhausted and mind you I get good rest and still end up with low energy. The Holidays are around the corner so.. I'll still be busy so sorry If I don't respond right away or If I missed something! I think once I get the freedom to do so might work on a shirt store. :)

Your Monster Friend - Ester.

Busy life, Boop!


7 December 2016 at 19:29:07 MST

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