DecemFUR by SilverSheep

DecemFUR was a fun time. The barbecue was manned by fulton who cooked up the snags. Some fursuiters braved the heat and furred up. friendoflow said he liked my photo of him that I took at FurJAM. So I took some more photos of him climbing the rope climbing frame.

Kai was there and we talked about camera gear and other furry photographers. Furries were recoding videos and taking photos of the furry adventures. Diego gave me his opinion on Dutch angel dragons.

Foxdale looking adorable in his fursuit. He had on a Hawaiian shirt on and he picked up a rainbow umbrella too. I took some shots of him as well. I am glad Foxdale suited up because I didn't get photos of him from FurJAM. Flow fox had a good time and he said he was going dancing afterwards.

I had a chat with Warbrin folf and Lord Darius Foxworth before I checked into my hotel. Warbrin was telling me about how he surprised his family by fursuiting. Lord Foxworth was talking about his fursuit experience at Ironfest. Trak told me about how he had a new fursuit in the works and he wants to be a secret fursuiter with the new suit. I was glad to talk with them.

Unfortunately Diego, Trak, Arti and Flow had other plans for the night and couldn't make it to the after party. I wanted to chat about furry related topics with them. Next time I will have to talk with them more.



5 December 2016 at 04:19:57 MST

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