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I can't think of a short comic to do about myself (why'd that one win the poll?) that isn't depressing as fuck so going to ask for questions instead so I have more time to think on that. Also I've been wanting to do more of these anyways.
so rules are
1. keep it clean.
2. no "I ask all your characters" questions cause I have to many characters for that.
3. you can ask the same question to multiple characters though, but I'd like to keep it under 5.
4. if you just ask a question like "favorite -blank-?" I am assuming your asking me and not a character.
5. If you have multiple questions please ask one question per comment so I can do one page per question.
6. I will not answer questions that cause spoilers for comics.

so please leave a question for me or one of my characters :3

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Ask Me Or A Character A Question


2 December 2016 at 03:56:00 MST

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