Con Attendances: FurEh and Rainfurrest; IronArtist Additions by noki

You read that right. I'll be at TWO upcoming conventions - FurEh here in my hometown Edmonton (May 2/3 ... I'm postponing my travel to BC by a week for it) and Rainfurrest down in Seattle (Sept 28/29). I'll have a dealer's table at FurEh (OMG What do I bring?!) and I'm on the waiting list for a table for Rainfurrest. If I don't get one, you'll see me in the Alley. :) I'm bringing a partner to Rainfurrest to watch my little one for me while I mingle! It's such a beautiful thing to have 5 years of AirMiles saved up. Otherwise chances are preeeetty good I'd not be going for obvious financial concerns.

Bringing things to Rainfurrest won't be a problem because I'll have a TON of free time out there to just do art, but I wasn't exactly expecting to be at FurEh so I'll have to come up with some stuff awfully fast to bring with me. I'll think of something, don't worry! ;)

So of COURSE I have to add badges to my Iron Artist. I'll start with 10 badge slots and see if I can handle more, if I need to. $10 for a digital or traditional badge. I can email OR print and ship the digital badges... I always ship traditional badges. In either case the cost includes lamination and a clip. Shipping is extra, typically not more than $5. OR of course if you're going to either convention you can pick it up there. :) (mind the wait for Rainfurrest!) I'll do my best to reopen badge slots for Rainfurrest out in the bush closer to when the con comes.

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Con Attendances: FurEh and Rainfurrest; IronArtist Additions


18 March 2013 at 10:03:59 MDT

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