Don't Want to Be In the Dark by Black_Sheep_Works

Its hard to know how you are doing when your questions are met with silence. The fact that consuming digital medium has become so passive for many people, or rather for those who are not well established is discouraging. I always tell myself that this project is not for everyone else to enjoy but more of a personal endeavor. Yet I can draw all day put out sketches and works but still go highly unfulfilled. I don't expect fame right away but acknowledgement would not hurt. I only have my own eyes to tell me what is wrong, but I can't catch every error when I am a one many army. I am taking up a hard endeavor and I am doing it alone, to have an occasional helping hand, such as constructive feed back, would be a world of difference. If my work is faved that is fine but the reason behind it is much grater then the fave it self. It lets me know what I am doing right it can also be a point to tell me the things liked about it but there are still things off despite being slightly visually appealing. I don't perticulalry want the fame but my improvement will but very very slow if I have only my thoughts and voice to back it.

Don't Want to Be In the Dark


15 November 2016 at 13:28:31 MST

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