Made it here, but not for the best of reasons... by Karma's Camera

I have just moved here from FurAffinity as I have had it with them.

So, what happened was after I had posted a neutral statement about the US election results (Because a lot has basically gone to absolute chaos) saying that what's done is done, there's a lot of work to be done, and no matter what, anyone is welcome to hang around my space/check my work/chat with me...

But after I got home from college, I found out that someone had issued 4 takedowns of my submissions (3 for my work and 1 for a request that had been done for me), which caused my account on FA to be suspended temporarily!

It's only a theory, but I think that the "someone" didn't like what I had to say and because journals can't be taken down, they might have thought that they could stop me from presenting viewpoints that they wouldn't be fans of even though that journal was just a one-off of sorts.

Also, I've hardly been getting any traffic for a long time over on FA, not to mention that they seem to keep getting DDos'd on a bi-monthly basis because of their archaic source code and structure...
And there was always this air of elitism on the site, even more than DA, at least to me; it's a shame as I've come across a handful of lovely folks over there.

Yup, the world is still a rather shitty place...
But hopefully, this site will be a much better experience! c:

Be patient as my old works will slowly be coming in~

Made it here, but not for the best of reasons...

Karma's Camera

14 November 2016 at 16:38:21 MST

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