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Halloween Brain Tickling YCH Ending! New YCH Offer!! by BlacknYellow

I will no longer be offering the Halloween themed Brain tickling/removal/brain play YCH after Tuesday, November 15th. I still have two more to complete and you have until the 15th to get one, which will be flat color, $15 and will include a simple background, with your character tickling/removing/messing with any of my character's brains of your choosing. So hurry if you'd like to get one from me! Here's a sample for you of what you'll get

I currently have two slots open on the Holiday themed YCH so let's go over what I'll be offering until December 15th. It will be a Thankstickling YCH. You can have it SFW or NSFW and it will involve your characters in your choice of native American or Pilgrim costumes tickling my characterof your choosing in your choice of a native American, Pilgrim or Turkey costume. This is an example Your character will be where Calypso is in this YCH.
here are the specifics:
It will be $15 flat color with an optional simple background. If you'd like more characters or a more complex background, it will cost $5 per extra character and $10 for a complex background (i.e. a fully set table in a dining room) Shading will cost $20 more and will take more time to complete but you have the option to add these.

The list of characters of mine you have to tickle and torment are Trigger, Zipper (In normal form), Calypso, Joey, MiniNova, Isaiah, Jack, Mack, Zak and Brains.

The options are the same as always;

-Your choice of binding (ropes, handcuffs, metal restraints, chains, etc.)
-Your choice of literally any tickling tool you or I can think of

  • Your choice of other areas to be tickled including the soles of the feet, of course. -Your choice of SFW or you may have an NSFW version made at no extra cost -Your choice of whether the victim has wrinkly or smooth soles -Your choice of whether the character has dirty or clean soles -Practically any detail you can think of except butt stuff. I won't do butt stuff -Your choice of whether the character is naked or dressed (However in this one there may be a small article of clothing or something more creative I have planned -Your choice of whether you want the character in stocks or not

Comment here or send me a note if interested in reserving a slot! I have a few commissions to finish first and I now require payment to be made up front but I will ALWAYS deliver on the commissions. I have 3 more commissions to finish so if you want one of the Thankstickling YCH's, let me know and I will reserve a spot for you and when I'm ready to start I can take payment then. It's better than me holding onto your money and you waiting forever while I finish the queue.

Halloween Brain Tickling YCH Ending! New YCH Offer!!


13 November 2016 at 23:48:05 MST

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