No, I Didn't Vote For Trump, BUT... by ACDragon

I am beyond sick of this bullshit I keep seeing on journals literally everywhere, saying that if you voted for Trump that you're not welcome on their pages anymore.

I am a Classical Liberal, which is not to be confused with the neoliberal bullshit passing itself off as "liberalism" these days. I believe in the rights of individuals to be who they want to be and do what they want to do with minimal government interference. The word "Liberal" comes from the word "Liberty." Demanding that people be just like you is NOT liberalism, nor is being an abusive bastard just because other people didn't do what you wanted them to do. That kind of behavior falls squarely into the definition of the word "fascism," something I've noticed again and again being misused by Clinton voters to describe anyone who voted for Donald Trump this election.

I did not (I repeat: NOT) want Trump to win, simply because I don't believe he is competent to run this country. The added rhetoric of misogyny, racism, homophobia, etc., is not why I didn't want him to win. If I had believed him to be the most qualified to run this country, I would have supported him, because in the end, his personal beliefs are exactly that: personal beliefs. If he hadn't repeatedly talked about nuking every country we disagree with, or hadn't had a history of financial irresponsibility, I likely would have supported him because Hillary has a long history of flip-flopping on issues whenever it is convenient for her to do so (for instance, she was a staunch opponent of same-sex marriage for many years until it became far more popular to be in favor of it, after which she changed her tune and promptly claimed that she had always been in favor of it... which of course was a bald-faced lie, just like many of the lies her husband told when he was in office).

But just because I didn't support Trump does not mean that I would deny other Americans the right to vote their conscience, and I'm sure as hell not going to be an abusive asshole just because some folks voted for him. You don't get to cry that somebody hates you when you just got done slandering them to all your friends. I'm not perfect, but I at least make an effort to remain civil. I would hope that most Americans would at least have the decency to do the same. Trump is the President Elect, that's the way it is. Burning bridges doesn't help you in the long run, so stop being a bunch of hypocrites and demanding that people "unfollow" you because they didn't do what you fucking wanted to do. Or at the very least, stop calling yourselves "liberals" if you insist on continuing to spew your venomous poison.

I should add that the "Liberal" response to Trump's win has been almost EXACTLY like the "conservative" response to Obama's win in 2008. This kind of divisive bullshit needs to stop. We're all Americans whether you voted for Trump or for Clinton. You don't have to like your fellow Americans, but you most certainly DO have to tolerate them... especially if you're one of the types that keeps demanding that other people tolerate you. Practice what you preach, people.

So no, I did NOT vote for Trump... in fact, I didn't vote at all, because quite frankly I do believe that, like Trump has said, the system is rigged... Sanders was a far better candidate than Clinton, and yet the system decided Clinton would be the DNC candidate. (WTF were you people smoking? Because whatever it was, it sure as hell wasn't just straight tobacco). But at the same time, I accept that the America people voted their conscience, and I don't hate people who voted for Trump. I don't understand it all, but I'm open to finding out, and maybe I might even find out that I was actually mistaken in who I wanted to be President. But Trump's victory is no reason for me to hate my neighbors who voted for him. If I'm going to hate someone, it's going to be for their overall general behavior, not because of which name they put a checkmark next to on a ballot. The fact is, I've already unfollowed and blocked two different people in the last couple days because of their abusive behavior towards Trump supporters. If you supported Trump, fine, and if you supported Hillary, fine, but I'll be goddamned if I'm going to let you walk all over me or the people I love just because you didn't get the result you wanted. You call yourself a civilized adult? Act like one.

And if you don't believe in liberty for all Americans, then stop calling yourself a liberal, because you are most certainly NOT a liberal in practice.

No, I Didn't Vote For Trump, BUT...


11 November 2016 at 09:23:49 MST

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