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2016 - The Year I Truly Lost Faith In My Country by Rezorian

There have been some terrible people as President Of the United States in the past, each guilty of one or more great sins. From adultery to purposely extending (or starting) wars, we've seen the lot. But here, now, I can safely say that I have completely lost all hope for this country. Bigoted, uneducated fools just elected a cartoon of a human being into office. A man who represents every terrible personality trait other countries imagine when they hear the term "American."

Maybe they thought they were making a difference, maybe they just thought it wouldn't happen, like all those folks who voted to leave the EU. Regardless of the why, we're now left with the consequences. They will be known in time I'm sure. This is a man who sees anyone who isn't white or a male as subhuman. A person who's focus on ego is so high that he places it above all else.

I'm not saying his primary opponent was a saint, far from it, but at least she had basic leadership possible common decency and even a hint of tact.

This question goes directly to my countrymen who allowed or enabled this slime of a human being into office:

What have we done?

I'd get used to asking yourself it as well because, unless Trump sits in a room by himself and doesn't interact with anyone, you've basically doomed us all. Kudos you shortsighted fools, kudos.

2016 - The Year I Truly Lost Faith In My Country


9 November 2016 at 02:16:53 MST

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    I couldn't believe the amount of people who voted for him as a joke. Dump is a joke on the internet, and then you get idiots that take that shit into reality and voted FOR him as a joke. They don't even realize or grasp what they did. And then you have the republicans that hated him, and voted for him anyway because they couldn't swallow their pride to vote for a different candidate. This all makes me legitimately scared for lgbt, muslims, and latinos...and I'm sure women's health will get messed with as well, as we've all seen how much Dump cares.

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      The fact that he received the Republican nominee is probably the worst thing of all. Just the idea that he could have been stopped there before this farce had gone on any longer, you know?

      Maybe we'll all be wrong, maybe his grandstanding was just that and he'll take a serious look at the issues without resorting to hyperbole. I want to believe that, I really do, but I think a majority of Americans just actively voted against progress and that terrifies me.

      (Not to say Hillary was full of promise, of course, but you know what I mean).