ScotiaCon 2016 report! by Doran Eirok

ScotiaCon was once again a fantastic experience this year, made even better by having the whole family along to a con for the first time. I can't express enough gratitude to the con staff and everyone involved for making it such a great time. I'm already eagerly looking forward to next year. These things never last long enough.

Azakir did a panel on fiction writing that was really great and well attended, Guest of Honour Booshie did a fun panel involving life drawing of fursuiters (complete with strategically placed fruit), and Danza's panel sharing some of the offensive/hilarious/bizarre notes you get as a well-known adult artist in the fandom had people in stitches. The new 'Barking Blanks' game show was a little rough around the edges but a lot of wacky good fun. I acquired a couple new badges and goodies to keep the memories alive. I was also better about prodding myself to go hug fursuits this year, with perhaps my favourite being the absolutely adorable FixyFox. Holy crap, both the design and the performance just melted your face. I smiled and squeed every time I saw her I think. It was also fun bumping into Ras-B Raccoon whom I'd previously met at a London meet, where he rifled through my pockets for food or something. And stuffed a bright yellow handpaw pad in my face during a photo. Memorable stuff. ^^

A few small disappointments; there never ended up being any dancing at all to speak of, which was a bit sad after what a special thing it was last year. Our room sign got oddly and temporarily burgled but was found later the next morning on a ceiling rafter down the hall. Karaoke didn't have quite the same gentle and safe atmosphere as last year, at least until it had gotten quite late and the young rowdy folk who were kind of dominating things moved on to their room party. The final night 'dead dog' event was just a general hangout with several people playing Quiplash, which was still a lot of fun and many laughs, but felt a bit anticlimactic compared to last year's tear-filled dancing our hearts out arm-in-arm to 'Over the Hills and Far Away.' Nonetheless there were some final emotional fursuit hugs and a glass of Talisker at the bar before bed.

The relatively small size of ScotiaCon is one of its strengths. It feels warm and intimate and mellow and safe, and the panels and events had a really nice diversity this year while still being spaced out enough that it was feasible to attend just about everything. I'm eager for us to be able to attend larger and other cons too, but I think ScotiaCon is always going to be the one that really feels like home. Thanks again everyone who made it possible. You're all amazing and I can't wait to see you next year!

I didn't take a massive amount of photos since I'm always more focused on having the experience, and the ones I did take tended to struggle with the lighting conditions and all, but what ones I did take (mostly fursuits) are available here:

ScotiaCon 2016 report!

Doran Eirok

8 November 2016 at 02:47:57 MST

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