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Patreon Closing by Roum

(Cross-posting this from my Patreon, so some parts may not apply to you guys)

Hey everyone, it's with a heavy heart that I make this announcement, but I've made the decision to close down my Patreon. Unfortunately it just isn't earning enough revenue to make it worth keeping open any longer. It was becoming a vicious cycle of not enough pledges, meaning not having the luxury to devote time to creating content for Patreon, leading to more people losing interest due to lack of content.

Art is my only job, and therefore I have to focus on what brings in the money to be able to pay my bills and support myself. I had hoped that Patreon might be a good way to provide people with exclusive content and behind the scenes updates on how I make my art, while also earning money to put towards trying out new things (comics, portfolios, merchandise, etc), but it just didn't happen.

For those of you who are still waiting on art rewards (monthly themed sketches), please don't worry, as they will all be honored and completed for the months that you pledged. I'll be contacting you each individually with more info and updates on those.

I will also be completing the monthly themed illustration for February, since that's already almost finished. I'll likely be uploading all of the past monthly themed illustrations to my galleries (Weasyl, FurAffinity, and Tumblr).

Hopefully one day I'll have the free time and financial stability to try again, but for now I can't afford to keep holding onto this platform if it's not working (as much as I'd like to). Thank you to everyone who supported me here, I hope that you enjoyed it while it was around. I also hope that you'll continue to enjoy and support my work in other ways. ♥

Patreon Closing


6 November 2016 at 21:17:26 MST

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