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I haven't done a journal lately- I really don't do them as often as I used to; I run streams just about every day, so most of the thoughts and news and other ramblings tend to get aired there. But not all of you can make it to the streams (otherwise, it'd be a pretty crowded chat room) so I figure I should probably let you guys in on some news too: first, a refresher:

Where To Find Me, How to Bug Me
Stream: Picarto:

Schedule Update
I stream pretty much every day, Tuesday through til Sunday, noon until whenever I stop, Pacific Time.
At 5pm on Weekdays, i'll do a wheel spin for sketches (or whatever special event I'm doing at that time). On weekends, I do sketches all day.

So if you've ever wondered, "Hey, how do I get these wonderful sketch things?" Well, that's how!

Commission Info
Currently, my prices are as follows:
$25 USD base price for one character
+$15 USD per each additional character; maximum subject to my fickle whims
+$10 USD for a background
+$10 USD for overly intricate or detailed work per character (like armor, robotics and cybernetics, additional pairs of limbs, wings, etc.)
*$5 USD discount if your commission has Renamon, Krystal or Jenny in it!

Want a colour piece? Well, I've been kinda testing the waters on doing colours (that's what Oktoberbreast was); right now, it's $60 for a single character (no background) and $100 for a two-character.) I'll open up colour stuff as a permanent option in November; I'm liking having colour in my gallery than just pages and pages and pages and pages of black and white sketches).

Project Updates
Okay, that's all the present crap out of the way- let's talk about the future plans that I've been jawing about in stream:

LoJR and other Comic Projects
LoJR's obviously on hiatus until the Drudgegut/Galdon vs. Krystal comic's at it's conclusion, which is something I'm aiming to have wrapped up before Christmas time (knock wood). However, I have a decision to make before that happens. And basically, that is "What am I going to do with LoJR?"

Lately, I've been feeling like I've been only one C&D away from losing 5+ years of work, which doesn't sit well with me; this has probably been brought on by Nintendo's recent spate of C&Ds on other fan projects (the Tumblr DMCA's, I believe, aren't actually Nintendo's doing, so I'm not really counting those). LoJR's problems lay deeper than what a simple Find-and-Replace job can fix, too, unfortunately, there's a lot of Nintendo-referential stuff spread throughout LoJR as well.

So far, the real saving grace is that none of the characters are really reflections of their canon counterparts, physically, or attitude-wise. So there's that. So the question in front of me is, do I continue with LoJR, or do I just reboot it as something new and not-Nintendo related? I'm leaning towards the latter, really. Something that I can eventually publish, ultimately, without having to worry about Nintendo's wrath. I've done some brainstorming about a reboot as well, and I'm liking what I'm coming up with.

Will it have a story? Yes.
Will it have copious nudity and smut? Of course!
But do I want to drop LoJR? Not really.

So, we have a problem. helpless shrug Unless I do both... but that's a looooooooooooooooooooot.

...unless I get a Patreon rolling.

I'll be rolling out a Patreon (after Drudgegut/Galdon comic's done); one geared towards seeing me do more smut comics; which would include the LoJR reboot, LoJR itself (until/unless that gets squashed) and a Choose-Your-Own_Adventure story called "Min-Maxing" I've been fiddling with for the better part of a year now. So... a shit-ton of comics. And probably pinups, because I love pin-ups. There'll be other journals about these projects later- I want to focus on getting the Krystal/Drudge comic out of the way first.

Will stuff be posted publicly? Yeah- personally, I'm not a fan of private-Patreon-only content, but I can understand why people do it. That said, Patreoners (Patreonis?) will likely get it sooner, and will get the concept sketches as the projects march forward.

Con Appearances
I'll be at two cons next year (for sure): I've got a Dealer's table at Vancoufur 2017 and I'll be buying everyone else's Renamon/Krystal porn at Anthrocon 2017. I may make appearances at others, too, but those are the two for-sures.

Feel free to leave questions and comments below- if there are a TON of questions about some of the bomblets I've dropped, I'll answer them in another journal later. If there's something you want answered I haven't answered, feel free to ask below, and I'll answer the thing :3

Massive Yawg Update!


2 November 2016 at 12:56:07 MDT

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    Question: How will you cope in the future, now that the levels of awesome you've achieved have gone up? You could loan out the excess awesome to others, but what would the interest rate be on that?

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      I want to make a "real small loan of a million dollars" joke/reference here but I can't think of one.

      Don't get me wrong though, it'd be the best reference. Simply the best. Better than you can imagine.

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        I don't know, I can imagine quite a lot. Did it have any Monty Python references and bad financial humor?

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    Reboot it

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    On a serious note, though, A reboot sounds good (wouldn't mind seeing the original continue until this chapter finishes at least, but it's up to you), and it'll give you a chance to do something fresh with the story w/o the Nintendo stuff in it (and it'll keep you from having to worry about Nintendo sending you a nice gift-wrapped C&D 'appreciation' present). That CYOA thing sounds really interesting as well. How would that work? Would you just upload a page and ask your readers to choose where it goes from there (either in the comments or in a poll)? Or will you just make it like a real CYOA book and actually post choices in the description (to go here, turn to page 12. To avoid danger and play it safe, turn to page 3), then have people vote on which one to use?

    • Link

      More or less. The end goal of Min-Maxing is to have an actual graphic novel people could flip through/fap to, but I'm not sure the final published form would be a CYOA itself.

      The basic gist of Min-Maxing is "'Groundhog Day', except Bill Murray is played by two barmaids, and the end of the day is actually an apocalypse they have to prevent somehow." So the backers would get to try to muddle their way through the story themselves (likely by vote). I'm waffling on whether or not having a final, CYOA form for a published comic would be doable/workable, since the characters caught in a loop wouldn't necessarily have the same reactions to being stuck in said loop.

      (I hope that made sense. I had to type this out a few times.)

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        As an avid reader of CYOAs, I can say it can get a tad confusing keeping track of all the choices (I only have so many fingers...), but it can be a fun experience if the book is done right. Think of it as playing a game, then restarting from a prior save point if you die/meet a bad end; though with multiple saves instead of one, which kinda sounds like what you're trying to do here. And the whole "You may know this but your character doesn't" thing is a pain in the ass when you're RPing (and trying to convince the GM how your character would know that, if the GM doesn't think they should, is even worse..), so good luck with that.

        And yeah, I understood what you were trying to say (I think..). The characters in the story wouldn't necessarily have the same reactions to being caught in a Time Loop that we would. Where the person reading the story may decide to go on a killing spree, just because they know it'll 'reset' at the end of the day and so no consequences will befall them, the actual character may freak the fuck out at first (then maybe pull a Murray for a while) before trying to get out of it. Or vice verce. It's really up to how you want to write them, and therein lies the rub. Will you write the characters one way, or another way entirely?

        Either way, I'm wishing you all the best of luck on that, man, and I'm looking forward to whatever you come up with.

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    It's time Renamon got her turn with the Cosplazer.

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    If one of those other cons you happen to got is is FWA (Furry Weekend Atlanta) That would ensure me going next year without a doubt

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    Awwr, you changed your prices into USD? :(

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      Two years ago, yeah.

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        Ah, OK! :O