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Commission availability newsletter by SilentRavyn

Hey friends!

I know that I open very seldom for commissions, and many people over the years have asked me if I would be able to let them know when I'm taking new projects. This seemed impossible to do on my own, so I never made this an option. Recently I asked if anyone would be interested in signing up for a newsletter to give them a heads up when I'm open, and there was a very positive response! So I've gone and set one up :)

If you would like email notifications when I open for new commissions (including badges, small works, and full color pieces) sign up at this link:

You can also sign up on my website from any of the commission form pages:

I'm hoping this will keep people who really want to commission me from missing out when I am open for a limited time :)

Anyway, I'm working on some big pieces now so I should have some new art posted here soon! Cheers!

Commission availability newsletter


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