Feeling Irritated by RaccoonPioneer

I need to be honest with you, ladies and gentlemen: looking through various statistics across my numerous galleries (DeviantArt, FurAffinity, Blogger, even here on Weasyl), I'm getting this feeling that many of you are more into the "females looking pretty to get attention" drawings than something that's more natural, such as a couple spending time together and living a normal life. That said, I'm getting irritated seeing that everyone flocks to the "females looking pretty to get attention" drawings - those have been done to death! I mean, really! Why must everyone flock to "females looking pretty to get attention" images, while ignoring more original works? Has appreciation for originality gone down the tubes, while appreciation for overrated material gone through the roof? No matter what the reason behind this is, it's getting on my nerves, and to the point where I have to say "no more of these ridiculous 'females looking pretty to get attention' drawings."

It disturbs me that people don't look for an artist's best works anymore. What appears as eye candy, however, gets all the attention these days, so it seems; and, unfortunately in most cases, an artist's best work may not fall into that category of being eye candy, which, as I have been observing, is "females looking pretty to get attention" themed drawings.

Feeling Irritated


15 October 2016 at 12:05:19 MDT

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    was going to link something funny related to that, but sadly could not find it


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      It's okay.

      The point I'm trying to make with this journal is that I am getting tired of seeing eye candy drawings get all the attention, while more original material is hardly getting any whatsoever.