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Lost a Childhood Friend to Suicide by BlacknYellow

My childhood friend I went to kindergarten with and was best friends with throughout elementary, even though we drifted apart in high school, we were on the rifle team together, our junior year and he would give me rides home. I basically grew up with him and last night, I got some very grim news. He shot himself and apparently whatever he had used was so powerful, there wasn't enough left of his face to identify him, forcing the police to instead take his fingerprints to identify the body. I haven't seen him for over 10 years, since we graduated high school, he was in my graduating class, though. The news hit me like a truck, nonetheless. The cause was said to be his girlfriend/fiance/wife leaving him for Alabama. He had a daughter too and I assume his woman took her with her. I was shocked and stunned to hear the news. At this point, I only ask that you don't send prayers or bring religion into the mix, as I'm an atheist and I don't believe in any afterlife or anything like that. I appreciate the sentiments, I do but I would appreciate if you only offered your condolences much more.

All of this has made me realize just what it's like to lose someone in that horrible of a way. For a while I was even thinking about it and for that I am deeply and sincerely sorry to anyone I put through that. I now understand that it is NEVER the answer and that things DO get better. I will NEVER put anyone that cares enough about me through that ever. Life is too short and you only get one so it's better to hold onto it and live the best one that you possibly can to the fullest. I want to encourage anyone that is feeling like they are out of options to hold on and reach out to someone who cares. Suicide is NEVER the answer. I hope that Luke was at least able to end his suffering and that he didn't feel any pain before dying. My deepest sympathies go out to his family and loved ones. I will be attending his memorial service on Saturday so I will not be streaming that night. I am shocked, stunned and in utter disbelief at this news. The only thing I can say is rest in peace, old friend.

Lost a Childhood Friend to Suicide


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