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#AD21XX Awakens! by Huntermun

This last month has amounted to essentially no progress in #AD21XX. This was a great deal to do with the “Birthday Month” mentality that seems to happen each year I don’t have a lot of income… a time I am encouraged by others to lay back and relax.

I have put over 80 hours into Forza Horizon 3, and completed every main mission and loyalty mission in Mafia 3. There was also so Highrise Empire in there as well and a smattering of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I feel like I’m video-gamed up, and ready to go… and luckily games like Deus Ex and Mafia both added to some of my creative spark in the ways they do their story and gameplay.

So I’m back at it. First things first is wiring up my new Menu System, which is something you’ve probably heard me say a number of times. This time, however, it is for the higher purpose of having my Alpha playable on phones in addition to adding some more back-end functionality. All in all, it shouldn’t take me as long to code as the last time.

So, here’s to Adaptation 21XX. Will I have something playable by Halloween? I wouldn’t count on it, based on all the previously missed deadlines… but maybe. That’s where I’m aiming right now.

See you in the Future,

#AD21XX Awakens!


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