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Fur Reality did it again - staked their claim as my favorite small convention if not my favorite overall convention! I am really tired from the trip currently, but want to write a journal before I forget too much.

I arrived on Thursday around 8 in the evening, to find out the Dealer set up was cancelled and postponed until morning on Friday. I was pretty upset, but upon investigation it was actually only delayed... we were allowed to set up at 8 or 8:30-11 pm instead of 7-11 pm. And then we were kicked out of set up early around 10:30 which was unexpected, but we were all mostly set up anyways. We had a late night trip to Wendys ((by we it was myself and my roommates, Ludovique, Izixs, and Winter)) that was pretty fun.

Friday was really great, I got to see the opening ceremonies and the beginning of this years plotline. It picked up from last year where the antagonist Bone Dog had been abducted by aliens! This year we started with Bone Dog waking up in the space ship, wearing a mind control collar of sorts. The collar was forced onto him by this years villain: Lord Fusion. His goal was to travel from dimension to dimension and absorb the "furry essence" from each fur to gain their power. He had already travelled 40 dimensions. The closing plotline for the day I missed, but it involved the MIB, or FIB (furs in black) finding Bone Dog and telling him they would help him get the collar off. They had a box machine that if filled with point cards would deactivate the mind control collar and free Bone Dog.

I reconnected with a lot of old friends on Friday and met a lot of new people as well, the convention felt a lot bigger this year and I was surprised at the number of furs there that I had never seen before. I met a few from KY and TN so that was really neat. I went to dinner with Ludovique and when we got back to the hotel I was surprised by my friend Fig! I haven't seen him in at least a year and had no idea he was coming. I was so excited! I went back to the hotel room and Demmy, Fig, Ludovique and I all hung out while waiting for Spot to get there. I for once wasnt up too late doing artwork, and ended the evening on an excited note.

Saturday started at 10 am, Iiiix had brought some donuts for the attendees that were appreciated for sure. The DD opened at 10, but I left at 11 for the storyline progress for the day in which Bone Dog had found his first victim, Twidget, and Lord Fusion stole his furry essence. I really really enjoyed the acting of all of the plotline furs. Lord Fusion can only take power from 1 fur at a time and then he passes out. When he passed out Bone Dog revealed his plot to remove the collar and steal all of the fur power from Lord Fusion in the end. So in a way... he was still the villain of the plot, but at the same time, the 'good guy'? It was weird, but really fun, extremely creative. The ending plotline for the day involved Lord Fusion waking up OUT of his space ship, presumably in the FIB headquarters I suppose (which was really witty, they even placed the event in a different room than normal). The FIB showed up and they had an 'epic battle' between FIB, Bone Dog, and Lord Fusion. The FIB actually died in the fight and Lord Fusion escaped with the point machine meant to free Bone Dog. He ran out of the room with it and Bone Dog as well. The entire room of attendees had to run after them and we did two laps around the pool I believe following the two. It was confusing but very very cute once I knew what was going on. We all amassed around a table and we were told to put all of our points into the box. Of course I didnt want to destroy Bone Dog so I asked him if the box was to kill him which he said no, but then I remembered he is wearing the mind control collar anyways so I was probably tricked! And that is where that ended for the day.

For Dinner on Saturday Izixs ordered pizza for us in the room and it was amazing, and I finished my badges early for once! I was just about done at 8:30 pm. So I actually went to Mixology panel with Winter, and we learned a few things about drink making, but mostly had a lot of fun samples of different drinks. We learned that Midori is extremely cost effective and goes well with a lot of drinks. Aaand to never ever put carbonated drinks into a drink mixer. It ends very badly, lol. After that we went back to the room and I laminated my badges.

Sunday I woke up early to go on an adventure to a bagel place with Demmy, Spot, Fig and one of their awesome friends whose name is eluding me at the moment... but we had a great time before getting back to the con for DD. I left my table for a little but for the opening plotline again. During which Bone Dog selected a furry from the audience to sacrifice to Lord Fusion again. Lord Fusion did so and passed out again. This time Bone Dog removed his mind control collar and put it on the sleeping Lord Fusion. Sunday was otherwise slow for sales, which is normal for a convention. I got to catch up on some work and say goodbye to friends as they left.

The closing ceremonies revealed that we had 515 attendees, I was so happy! I love to see my favorite convention grow and this year was 40% growth! Funny though because the parade was actually two people shorter this year, lol. For the plot, Lord Fusion woke up and was frozen from the control collar, he was not happy! Bone Dog succeeded in filling all of the machine with points and was freed. He absorbed all of the furry power from Lord Fusion at once and started going crazy! Lord Fusion fought and destroyed Bone Dog, claiming that he 'just wanted more power, but we had to have a 'better villain' even if he didnt want to be the villain. Well now we had what we wanted. Bone Dog dead (Fusion tore off his head!) because he took in too many souls at once and Lord Fusion in control. He left for another dimension, and his space ship stopped working! It was intercepted my The Machine (the villain from Y2 of the convention, 2014) Or maybe it didn't stop working --but he did lose control because the entered a new dimension in which The Machine had power over our world and everything is destroyed. In which the theme for next year is Post Apocalypse.

So it would seem, next year Lord Fusion will be the protagonist and The Machine will be the antagonist. And of course, Bone Dog might return. Maybe a year of recuperation will heal him. He is a lord of the underworld after all.

And I went to dinner with Winter and Izixs before they went home as well as Vander and Pidgeon at Bob Evans. And that evening I spent a whole hour and a half at the Dead Dog Dance, which Vander was djing. I was also in fursuit, finally. So that was a great end to the convention for me! I did not want to leave this morning, because the con gives me so much fun every year. It is unlike any other convention because it actually has a plot line and games. Even the most interesting panels. This year there was a bouncy house, candy making workshop. Grilling workshop, cake making, and I think ice cream as well. Animation courses as well but unfortunately I could not attend.

I really cannot wait to see what happens next year, and it was a success in the Dealer Room so perhaps I will be a Dealer next year as well. Next up... MFF!

°○ Fur Reality Review 2016 ○°


10 October 2016 at 14:15:01 MDT

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