Going to WPAFW! by Tikikata

I will be at WPAFW this weekend starting tomorrow! I'm happy to say that I will NOT be selling at a convention for once. This con doesn't even have an artists alley or a dealers den, so no pressure or anything either. We chose to go to WPAFW instead of FurReality this year to try something new. I haven't been to WPAFW before, but a lot of friends I don't get to see very often are going to be there, too, so I'm excited about that. I'll be bringing along some commissions to work on while I'm there so you'll know I'm not totally slacking off, haha. I have gotten a lot done in the last few days. I have a link to my Trello public queue on my profile, so check that out if you're curious.

Thanks all! Hope to see some of you at WPAFW, but if you're going to FurReality instead, have fun!!

Going to WPAFW!


5 October 2016 at 21:18:43 MDT

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