Elephant week! Free Requests for Everyone! :D by Sebastien.Hippo

The Elephant Week Starts today! Yay! Let's celebrate the week dedicating one of my favorite animal, whom are big, fat, cuddly and have 3 arms and that's the Trunk! Giggles This will be fun, like the Hippo Week! ^^

I have Switched and set up to use Linux that the Distro is Ubuntu. Man... Everything is so neat and lightweight... It's been a while using Ubuntu. I feel like I'm home again! Well... Let's draw, shall we? ^^

The Good thing that I'll be open for Requests only about Elephants! But the bad news is, that will be limited. I'd like to, but the college and errands, shortens my schedule and I have less time spending to the drawings, compared to the Hippo Week... >>'

Well... 40 lucky Elephants will be granted for the requests! 20 for FA and 20 for Weasyl, so it will be 40 Requests slots, Repetitions is Accepted too. So What are you waiting for? Go and get one! :veryhappy:

There are the Rules:

-Fursonas Only If is a Pokemon or a Elephant your fursona, No Problem! You're in! ^^

-No Pokemons, neither Cartoon Characters! No Weird Transformations, Fusions, Crossovers!

-Your Fursona will Transform into a Elephant, If your Character is a Hybrid, Can also be a Elephant Hybrid. Make sure to tell if you want your fursona Pure Elephant or a Elephant Hybrid.

-You can also include any friends, or Elephantized Sébastien and/or Margaux (No Felix)

-You can have a maximum of 3 characters, including one of my characters or both characters (1 yours, 2 mine; or 2 yours, 1 mine).

-If you're going to upload the picture, Take in mind to Tag the image on the title "Elephant Week" at all costs. If is Twitter or anywhere else, Tag with #elephantweek. Otherwise, I cannot give you the permission to upload it. That's the condition.


Go ahead! ASK! Let's Support the ELEPHANT WEEK, Will Last a Week. (10/2 - 10/8) Spread the love of Elephants! <3 <3 <3

Elephant week! Free Requests for Everyone! :D


1 October 2016 at 23:46:42 MDT

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