Sonic Fan Fic by SAJ-Man

I'm considering posting this fan fic I'm currently writing. It's about Gerald Robotnik, the man who made Shadow the Hedgehog, and Maria Robotnik, the most important little girl in the Sonic series. The story is about their lives pre-Shadow; their journey to the A.R.K., the trials they have on the A.R.K., the various enemies that are found in the games before they are even created. It's a prequel to Sonic Adventure 2, as of right now. It will become something HUGE later, but for right now, it's a prequel. :D

So if that interests anybody, please let me know. Because I don't want to post something I put a ton of effort into and care about very much, just to have no one know about it. That... would suck. XDDDD

So, again, if that peaks anyone's interests, just let me know. If I get enough people who are interested, I'll post the first part! ^_^

Thanks for reading!

Sonic Fan Fic


28 September 2016 at 07:27:47 MDT

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