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Tarot in Space! ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT by ZackLoup

Hello all! I just wanted to plug my lovely lady's tarot deck one more time. In her words, it's "a deck of unparalleled fun! From alien goddesses to gay robots this deck might just have it all." Many tarot decks (including most of mine, to be honest) are quite a serious tone. LED's tarot deck is fun and colorful, and set in a retro scifi space environment.

On top of that, the characters are very diverse. Of course there's lots of aliens and robots of various sorts, but there's also trans and nonbinary characters, characters with disabilities and interesting prosthetic limbs, characters of different races and body types. Many tarot decks tend to be all perfectly sculpted white people, so it's nice to see such a mix in this deck. I've seen the demo deck in person and the colors are beautiful and the cards themselves are very high quality.

Once the IndieGogo campaign is over, the decks will be retailing at $42 each (the answer to life, the universe, and everything). Right now they are only $30!! Go and get yours for this amazing price while you still have the chance!! <<--- GO GO GO

Tarot in Space! ONLY 3 DAYS LEFT


21 September 2016 at 13:23:38 MDT

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