why i haven't been active by VAF

hell, i just wanted to explain why I've basically fell off the map for awhile. unfortunately, it was a number of things.

first off, school had kicked off, and i really mean KICKED OFF. seriously, now I'm both a college and a high school student, a member of honors society, and a theater tech intern, to name a few of the things that I've dedicated myself to this semester. i also might be working on my art portfolio for when i start college full time. so whenever i get home, it's usually to get started on any homework i didn't get done during lunch.

also, recently i had an illness in the family, and that's been pretty stressful, but luckily it's getting better, the family member in question being scheduled to leave this Tuesday after spending at least three weeks in the hospital.

finally, the trifecta, chores. we've been cleaning the shit out of this house, which s both a good and a bad thing. it's good, because then we can finally use the basement, but it's a bad thing because the other family member who comes by unannounced to "help" us, ends up either causing more work, or more stress on us, usually both.

so yeah, to sum it all up, I've just been too busy to be able to have the free time to do art, and i can't just stay up late every night just to draw, i need my sleep as well. i hope you understand; as far as art goes, until my life becomes a little less hectic, the only times I'll be able to upload anything will be on the weekends, when i have nothing going on. when i do, however, it'll be like this last time, with multiple uploads. although, this doesn't mean that I'll be able to upload every weekend, it's just when i have the time. thanks for reading this far, by the way :)

why i haven't been active


17 September 2016 at 22:09:27 MDT

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