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fuck (medical) by Kisa Merula

hey guys i have been gone for a while...i keep forgetting about this site, but no more!
i shall remember it from now on...

on topic:
i have been struggling hard lately, for over a month, i havent been able to work
struggling hard with anxeity/panic attacks and depression

its really hard to draw alot of the time

i have a neurologist appointment being made today, waiting on them to call back.

this really so scared...

bloodwork came back. everything was ok except my vitaminD.
it was 12 it suppose to be 50 for me. Im making an appointment with the neurologist and told her about how i convulse (have convulsions)
when i get mentally an psychically exhausted an she automatically said i was having seizures....fuck fuck so anxious right now.

if you want to try an help me, my commissions are open. here is a link
i am willing to make deals as well, jus let me know

idk if my prices are even good or what

fuck (medical)

Kisa Merula

16 September 2016 at 09:19:05 MDT

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