So many un-finished sketches by chaosfault

As the title says I have a loads of drawings that are still not finished yet, some of them are nearly done and some have barley anything on them.

I am gonna get to them, but I first wanna finish some the pictures on the list, right now I'm actually working on a picture of my new villain, however I'll be posting two pictures, one just of him from the front and a character sheet that I won't be uploading to DA. Why? Because the character sheet is gonna be a mature picture and as I've mentioned before, I do not upload mature pictures to DA.

Anyway, some updates, I'll be posting some of the requests today and some tomorrow, since I'm gonna try (no promises) to upload three pieces of work a day, that includes art, stories, photos and animations (I'm working on uploading two games I did at college, I just have to find the pen)

As for these games both were made on game maker and are nothing special plus there just demos, I can say I made one and the other was made by a few people, I'm also gonna try and find the 3D game that I was in charge of planning (I'm not sure if I have it) we made it on Unity and it's also only a demo, but I'd like to know your opinions on them. I'll also put some description to the games so you know what the plot was meant to be.

And I think that's it for updates, if you wanna ask me anything feel free to ask or just talk to me.

New Villain (started)

New Hero O

Pokémon Comic

Sniper Scythe Ruby

Bear Character (started)

Foxy Pic

Cross Dress Picture

Reaper and Soldier 76 Pic

New Un-Named Comic Pages (started)

At the bar (started)

Watching a movie O

Ask Away

Striker vs Malice (ADULT)

Front Cover for Off the Board O

Request Slot: Taken by Lucarioroolz on DA O

Request Slot: Taken by Ghostfox91 on Weasyl O

Request Slot: Taken by burningarcanine on FA O

Request Slot: Taken by Superkiel from Weasyl O

Request Slot: Taken by Gravee on Weasyl O

Commission Slot: OPEN

Commission Slot: OPEN

Commission Slot: OPEN

Commission Slot: OPEN

Commission Slot: OPEN

So many un-finished sketches


9 September 2016 at 09:25:42 MDT

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