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Long Life Update (includes commission inquiries) by MothSicleSuits

Hello everyone! I dont know if you all have noticed, but I have posted quite a few journals this year postponing my commission acceptance dates further and further away.. well I just wanted to explain that!

First off, I have to apologize because I am doing it again. Instead of postponing though Im here to let everyone know that I will NOT be opening for fursuit commissions again for a while. I may have a head slot open up here and there but for full partials or projects with hard due dates Im sorry Ill have to decline.

This isnt because of anything the fandom has done, this is purely real life keeping me so busy that I have been physically stressed and unable to focus on large customer commissions and life at the same time as of recent.

I am studying to become an elementary school teacher, I have been in college for three years now! College hasnt been too bad so far, but I only have one more semester left before I go into practicum. For those of you who dont know what that is it is when an education major is assigned to a school and is basically a unpaid student teacher. We do a different grade with a different teacher every semester ON TOP of having classes at the college.

Most people have to quit their jobs and move back in with their parents in order to get through this program because it takes up so much time and they give you no pay.

Because I only have a short amount of time before I go into this program I am focusing on getting done some personal suit projects instead of opening for commissions. I want to have my own costumes finished to my liking before I may have to stop making suits during practicum. Once they are all done and upgraded I WILL however be making pre-mades!!

I have a LOT of spare fur in my workroom, so Im not going to stop fursuit making. I love it too much to quit. I will just be focusing on pre-mades. When Im actually enrolled in practicum I may have to stop fursuit making for a little while but if I am only making pre-mades then there is no stress on me to finish a project quickly and I can just work on them when I have the time.

NOTE ON KIGU COMMISSIONS: I will still be making kigus! Kigurumis take much less time to make than fursuits and are are a lot less stressful to work with as well. I will still open for kigu commissions every now and then to help keep some money in my pocket while Im going through all of this college work. So if you recently were interested in getting some jammies made dont worry that is still on my to-do list <3

Again, Im sorry to anyone who has been wanting to commission me for suit work. Hopefully college life will calm down enough for me to open commission slots again one day but for now I need to focus on my studies. I hope you all understand!

Thank you for reading this long post guys, I appreciate it <3


Long Life Update (includes commission inquiries)


9 September 2016 at 07:54:51 MDT

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    Allllllll over that kigu opening when that happens o3o

    In all seriousness, I do understand having to put art on halt for that sort of thing. Even though I was a fine arts major, I had to put my OWN personal art on the shelf for a long time just so I could do the work that was asked of me. Now I shelf it because of my job. Life is a teeter totter... one of the other much of the time. I hope it goes well for you though <3

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      Thank you so much for the kind words! Unfortunately this is a true fact of life, I envy those makers that can make their whole living off of their suit work but I dont think that could be a possible life for me so off to school I go! At least the nice thing about personal art is that you can get back to it whenever you are able, its a comforting feeling to not be rushed with personal projects.

      I wish you luck with your own work as well! And Im glad to know some people are interested in the kigu slots opening cause they are soooo fun to make <3 <3

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        Being busy with work (and in the past uni work) is why I really don't take comms or accept trades/exchanges, because I know it's going to take me a long time (right in my ToS it states 1-3mo) so.. I just don't unless it's more an emergency situation. Then I'll sacrifice my sleep for it.

        Ahhhh I so want to have a kigu of my heart rat character, so bad, then I can run around and be adorable o3o Most definitely interested :U