Give me your opinion by Jasmine Robotnik

if you read the sonic comics. please tell me what you think of it?
please give me more than " ITS AWESOME!!!" or " it sucks"

tell me why or why not you like them. and give me you honest opinion.
im working on a video about the comics, so your responses will help a lot.

and if you never read them dont bother commenting please.

Give me your opinion

Jasmine Robotnik

6 September 2016 at 16:42:32 MDT

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    I haven't read it since the reboot, but......I really enjoyed the series a lot (since I loved SatAM) until they did the "Sonic Adventure" adaption and brought in a "hidden city of humans". I also disliked Ken Penders in charge (I feel he ruined the book then), it made me cringe the issues that came out then. I believe he was a good writer and brought nice things to the comic universe...but he should never have been made editor. I started to enjoy the comic again around the time Tracey Yardley! came aboard as artist and Knuckles became the new Enerjak. But the Penders lawsuit forced Sega to take over and go in a new direction for the comic. I miss its basis in the SatAM universe because of everything and the reboot and although I still buy it to complete my collection (have every single issue), I haven't had the heart to read it since the reboot. :(