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Art collection, work, depression update by sirkain

OK.. As of right now I have gone through all the folders I have of art I have downloaded over the years (not counting DND/personal stuff) and got them all up on my gallery... The totals?

SFW only: 1545 pics, 399 artists.
NSFW only: 321 pics, 92 artists.
total SFW and NSFW: 1866 pics, by (399+43) 442 different artists.
Not counting stuff not scanned in yet or lost over the years.

If you see your name in there at all and feel I missed something let me know/send it to me.I know some commissions both I and the artist lost over the years (alkora alkora and blue blue did one each for me in the IN days we both lost the files to.) or lost in hard drive crashes, etc. The link to the site (click the "Activate the pornographic contents" button to see the NSFW folder in Furry Artwork.)

As for work, still not been back since 8/19, but not fired. HR called me Wednesday and said I need to get a new FMLA thing filled out for my depression stuff (ave one for diabetes already), get doc to fill it out and submit it in. if approved i am back in action. But i am very, very broke. having 2+ weeks of no work doesn't stop bills and needing food and stuff. I'll manage, but money will be extreeeeeeemly tigt for a few weeks/month till stuff back on track.

Since Sunday being on the adjusted lexipro dose I feel more back to myself mood wise. Here is hoping it stays solid for longer than 6 months this time around.

Art collection, work, depression update


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