$15 Group Transformation Piece! CLOSED! by Recurrent

Hey there everyone one. So I have decided I want to do a really big Group transformation to be the debut piece for my new TF Character Riley ( http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20951957/ ) as he turns into his Liontuar form. It will be fairly cheap, only $15 a character and as of right now I do not have a limit for the number of characters as of right now. The final artwork will be flat color and feature an outdoors setting background. I will be leaving sign ups open for a full week and collecting payment as people sign up. Please understand when signing up that this will be a very large piece and may take me a bit more time than my usual commissions and YCHs to complete.

This will be posted to all of my galleries including FA, DA, Weasyl, SoFurry, and FurryNetwork to make this a truly massive group transformation.

This piece will be SFW only (don't worry I will be doing some NSFW pieces with Riley in the future)
Must be TF from a human start.
Can be TG upon request.
End form can be Anthro or feral, any species is allowed, no inanimate TF for this one.
Transformation will be between 45%-80% complete, you can specify how transformed you want to be.
I will be sending out a rough sketch for everyone and probably streaming this a bit.
Will have a full background
$15 a character!

Sign ups Close 9/4/16

Please comment below or Note me with the following:
Starting Form:
Ending Form:
Emotion during transformation:
Paypal email to invoice:
Additional details:

Currently in the group TF:
Recurrent - Riley (male) to Lion taur - Angry/pain - PAID
lorvianne - Human male to feral dragon - Confused - PAID
darkwolfswordsman65 - Human male to Wolf taur - Shocked/surprised - PAID
darkwolfswordsman65 - Human male to Tiger taur - Shocked/surprised - PAID
Skips92 - Human male to Cheetah Taur - Pain or Surpirse - PAID
Slyfox6414 - Human male to female raccoon (anthro or taur) - Shocked/surprised - unpaid
Scorch2142 - Human male to anthro wolf - Accepting - PAID
NekoGato - Human male to female Fox Taur - Curious - PAID
TheSuitedStallion - Human male to lion taur - Shock/pain - PAID
Joducus - Human male to female wolf - Surprised/panicked - PAID
Digitalpotato - Human male to anthro Kudu - "Really?!" - PAID
corbyn_prower - Human male to Lucario or Kangaroo - Happily surprised - PAID

dragoniade - Human male to dragon taur - Happy/Surprised - unpaid

$15 Group Transformation Piece! CLOSED!


28 August 2016 at 18:27:02 MDT

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