Birthday Wishlist - September 7! by farorenightclaw

Hey, it's that time of year again! No, I'm not doing another huge birthday sale - I took on WAY too many last year and I'm still finishing them now x.x

No, it's that time where people keep asking me what I want for my birthday (which is on September 7 - I'm turning 30!) so I just post up a pile of stuff I've been eyeing for myself and if anyone wants to get me something, great! Absolutely NO obligations or expectations on anyone, though, this is just for the people who really want to get me something anyway and didn't know what to get. This stuff ranges all over in price so please don't feel a big item is wanted more than something small - if you want to get me something, anything will make me happy to know you're thinking of me :) And even just a 'happy birthday' gives me those warm 'n' fuzzies too! <3

The list is rather long; this is to provide options, not to be greedy!!

First we have my Amazon booklist. I generally prefer Kindle editions but in cases where it's a comic or picturebook, paperback is preferred (or hardcover if it's a big collectible thing. Note: I would consider all Gladys Taber books collectibles).

Then my generalized Amazon list, just a big pile of stuff I've looked at over the years and wanted. All sizing should already be correctly selected, for clothes, rings, and shoes.

THEN my Dollhouse/Miniatures Amazon list, I'm collecting this stuff. I don't have a dollhouse yet (it's in the wishlist) so I don't want to stock up TOO many of the tiny easily lost things, but if you just want to get something small (hah!) this is a good bet.

And then a random collection of non-Amazon things, loosely sorted:

CLOTHING/SHOES/JEWELRY (black, eu 38) (2-sided, cyan, 'it'),1979585 (black on Sand, 2XL),807552 (green on Black, 2XL) (Standard 2XL) (Male, black, T-shirt, 2XL) (Male, brown, T-shirt, 2XL) (Male, asphalt, T-shirt, 2XL) (2XL) (Diamante: none, Color: plain black)

HOUSEWARES/DECOR (queen) (large) (Toad Back) (Mockingbird Gears) (Cat Tail Cup, Prairie Cup) (The Wolf Ate Them) (Hedgehog Balloon)

Jeffree Star:
Manic Panic: (Bewitched) (Raven) (Apparition, Raven) (Nosferatu, Bad Boy Blue, Cobweb, Skyclad) (Lazer Dust)
Violent Lips:


WOW THAT'S A HUGE LIST. I always feel like I'm being a weird greedy fuck when I put up these lists, but people hassle me if I don't, and it's way easier to just point and go ONE OF THESE THINGS, PERHAPS if someone asks what I want for my birthday/Christmas/whatever.

IF YOU DO GET ME SOMETHING and IF YOU WANT TO you can tell me what you got so I can take it off the list. I ALSO LIKE SURPRISES though so it's just if you want to.

Birthday Wishlist - September 7!


27 August 2016 at 16:36:50 MDT

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    HAS IT ALREADY BEEN A YEAR AND I NEVER FINISHED THE PIECE I DID FOR YOU. oh my god i'm so bad with time. D: admittedly i've been out for a few months with carpal tunnel but...

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      I only saw the sketch a few months ago! And honestly I'm happy with just a sketch, it's really beautiful!! <3

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        i'm really happy with it too but i do want to finish it because of that! i go in for my emg on the 12th so i'm hoping that'll kickstart treatment, since the only treatment i have right now is my brace and taking ibuprofen every now and again, which doesn't do much really. :S i kind of hope, weirdly enough, that i get surgery because i can't imagine trying to relearn how to hold a pencil, write, and draw (i already have to relearn how to sleep because i keep waking up with a lot of pain and pins & needles)