! Life UPDATE / Big CHANGES ! by Shiko-Yote

So my mate broke up with me, teh second time in our 8 year relationeship.
This time he means it, it seems.

That means a lot of changes are comming for me and my son. We have to move out at some point, find a new appartment, new school and all that stuff. Will get pretty stressful until we are able to settle in our new situation.

My, now ex-mate and I are getting along pretty okies I'd say. We want to keep a friend-ish realtionship to eachother for our son, to make this big change in his life as easy as we possible can.

I had a little breakdown when he first told me but surprizingly Im handling it very well at this point.
And Im glad about that, I dont want my son to absorb negative and sad moods from me. So I am really happy actually I am able to handle the situation as I can. I love my son so much, and the changes that come will be hard enought for the two of us but in the end, it can only get better for us :D (not going into details here, my close friends know what I mean tho)

So that said, I am currently just working off my queue to have all cleared but unfortunately I wont be able to take new commission requests right away. I deeply apaologize for that, and I do that because I love doing commissions! They fullfill me. Im sad that I wont be able to take on more in the next well... I dunno how long.

Since I dunno how stuff is gonne be with internet and streaming and posting stuffs and such. I need to see when the time comes but maybe Id be able to figure something out too, I just dont know yet.

Anyways, My son and I thank you a ton fur understanding, we really apprecciate it! And I hope I'll be on my feet sooner than I think I can! :D Im keeping my hopes up.

Much much love to you all!

The Yote-Mama, Shiko <3

P.S.: I try to keep you updated about my situation! <3



27 August 2016 at 07:00:19 MDT

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    I wish you the best of luck with it all.

    There was an interesting story I found about these people that got a divorce, and the wife told the attorney to not let her act in any malicious way towards her husband during and after the process for the sake of the child. Many years later that child went in to thank that attorney because it taught him the value of mutual respect, civility, and complete kindness. I need to see if I can find that story so that you can read the full thing.

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    I wish you luck and send you happy wishes on getting things sifted out and looking better soon.

    I think it's good that you and the ex will be friendly, still...for your son. That's always a good thing. I've seen co-workers go through this and bitterness breaks out all the time when they talk about their divorces. Hearing them argue with lawyers over the phone (though work phone really should not be used for that........) and some such...knowing there are people out there who can handle it with grace is a wonderful thing. :)

    Take it as best and as easily as you can and get as much rest as you can, too...since it may be stressful for awhile. Take good care of yourself and be well. hugs

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    I'm sorry I didn't check Weasyl sooner to respond to this very personal update. I'm so sorry that your relationship broke apart, but I'm glad that you and your ex considered your son a lot in separating.
    Hopes, well-wishes and prayers to you and your's, Shiko. Remember to not let the world get you down. :)