To Every Kind of Artist Out There by King Gigabyte

I'm proud of you for working so hard to get at the level you are. As long as you don't act like an entitled butt then your cool.

People make mistakes and that's ok. If you screw up or say something with out meaning it I understand. Your only human after all. As long as you admit and own up to your mistakes you have my respect.

To Popular People: You must be under a lot of pressure by your fans. Good fans will understand that you need a break and that your not a machine. Good fans won't demand you draw (Insert subject manner here) If you stop doing so. Good fans will stick with you.

A good person will accept GOOD critique, Use it to further your self in your development. Bad critique is useless though. Here's some examples.

Good Critique: "Hey I think the ears are off here's how to fix them"
Bad Critique: "It's awful"

See the difference ?

Later i'll write a critique guide.

I understand if your exhausted and snippy. You have your own life , and you deserve a bit of quiet time to your self. This goes to any one out there. You need some you time and you deserve it. If you're tired just say so. I won't be upset and neither will good fans. They should understand no one is a machine nor do they need to be treated like one.

To the people out there just starting out. I love you to and I'm rooting for you. Don't ever stop doing what you love. If I find a person who may not be super great now i'm going to tag along on your art adventure and encourage the heck out of you. Also I decided I'll do Art trades with any skill level. Every one deserves a chance c:

To Every Kind of Artist Out There

King Gigabyte

26 August 2016 at 16:37:14 MDT

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    :) We love you too King! We have the same Beliefs!
    Would you like to discuss more about an art trade in a message?