My Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2016 experience. by Thunder Orca

This year I went to Denver Colorado for the first time to attend Rocky Mountain Fur Con. It was awesome even though it was small and I was the only orca at the con that I know of. I got to spend allot of time with Reef, Arid and FauxPas so this time I didn't wander about the con alone this time. Spikester did check up on me during the con. For the first time ever besides being the only orca at a furry con a net was put on me by Kazul. I took 515 pictures and that's not bad for the con size. I finally got to see Makki and :Veskar for the first time and both are really friendly. I barley made it out alive from all the cuteness and adorableness from the fursuits. It was an awesome and exciting experience for this orca and I do plan on going back again sometime soon. Only this time I will be taking my orca or fox fursuit and my name will be ORCA. ^_^

My Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2016 experience.

Thunder Orca

26 August 2016 at 10:49:34 MDT

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