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WEEKEND 2 - Chapter 1 Page Fixes by Zeta-Haru

Hello once again!

First of all I wanted to thank all the support and happy birthday wishes on my previous journal, I thanked you all on twiter but I wanted to say it again since not everyone uses twitter ;w;

A few pages from Weekend 2 (Chapter 1) needed to be fixed and here is the list.

Note: All of my galleries have been updated with the correct versions by the time you're reading this.

Page 2: Changed text "Can't I" for "Can I", and "Cub for "Pup" (English version only).

Page 5: The reflex from a window was overlapping another comic panel.

Page 9: Mysterious dark spot was behind Taylor on third panel.

Page 10: Joel's leg white fur was made wrong in the last panel.

Thank you for reading and supporting, the comic didn't stop, I'm still working on it with on my free time and soon I'll bring you more news about what's happening in life :3 but this time it's good news.

WEEKEND 2 - Chapter 1 Page Fixes


25 August 2016 at 08:47:07 MDT

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