Project Zinogre - Thoughts and Reconsiderations by Tankaa

Yes, I'm taking the Stan Winston School Course.

On Design:
Too tired to make much progress on redlines this week. Overtime is none too friendly to my system.

I'll just say that the first version isn't quite what I'm aiming for. Ideally, the suit's going to look a bit like the design I had for Deviljho Versus Zinogre, which is a good compromise between the overly chubby first design and the topheavy second attempt.
Deviljho Versus Zinogre

On Prototyping:
It looks like I might have to build a 1/3 or 1/6 scale maquette of the suit in order to develop patterns for the foam. On the plus side, I could probably do simplified patterns for biped-type Zinogre plushie roughly the size of that stuffed Goji using the maquette and test out surface coverings on it, so I guess I can find other uses for it...

On Materials:
Locally sourced materials aren't practical, unless it's discount week on foam rolls. Even then, that's only good for high density foam (less useful than I thought) and medium density foam. For L200 foam, fleece, and a wide variety of other things, I'll be shopping online and ending up with a more complicated logistics chain.

On Cooling:
Liquid cooling is just too complex of a solution with too many failure points. It looks like a basic phase-change vest is just a vastly superior (and cheaper) option. The phase transition temperature for the simple vest is well within the capacity of a cooler packed with ice or a hotel room fridge, so it's not a logistical issue anymore. That, and liquid cooling is just simply too expensive.

Project Zinogre - Thoughts and Reconsiderations


24 August 2016 at 20:01:04 MDT

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