The Future of the Goblin (and Dino) Girls! by Paul Lucas

I just recently released HOT GOBLIN GIRLS 3 (available on both Amazon Kindle and Smashwords and their affiliates.)

I was rather pleased with how the story came out. For readers who are a fan of the series, you may be pleased to know that I believe I have enough ideas for at least two more books in the series. When I'll be able to get around to writing them, I'll have to see, as I have a bunch of other stories already on my slate.

One thing I always really like about this series is that there is no great epic conflicts or world saving or anything like that. Though the characters do occasionally run into unusual circumstances, they are mostly just trying to live their lives and get by day to day. Their conflicts are very small and personal. They may have to deal with the fallout of more epic events (such as the Crenmoore Rebellion, or in the most recent book, the Mage Guild War in Linlea), but their conflicts and hardships are at a modest and personal scale most people can identify with. They're basically work-a-day fantasy heroes.

One spin-off idea I'm thinking of doing is a GOBLIN GIRLS mainstream fantasy book. Basically, I'll rewrite the first three books of the erotica series so its more R-rated than XXX and sell it as one complete novel. But that will take more work than it appears, though, as a number of important plot point (especially in the first book) are strongly sex-related and would have to be rewritten or completely reworked altogether. The books will by necessity also have to be a bit more violence and action-oriented to keep readers interested where before there was steamy sex scenes to do that.

Question is, would there be a market for this? I really do like the characters and the world they inhabit and could follow it up with more mainstream adventures after the erotica angle for them starts wearing thin. But this will ONLY be feasible if the mainstream version can sell enough to make the work worth it. If you have any opinions on this either way, let me know, as I really don't know if I should go this route or not.

I also plan on doing paperback versions, but that's another can of worms I'll save for another column. Basically I want to save this option for Collected Editions so the reader gets enough material to justify the price, but I have to do more research into how things work for that.

HOT DINO GIRLS, whose third book I'm working on now, is also a series about working-class characters, but with a different approach than HOT GOBLIN GIRLS. Whereas the goblin characters move around a lot and live in a world where they can be constantly exposed to peril, the world of the Dino Girls is more 'realistic' and laid back. The characters stay in one place and only want to build a good life for themselves and those they care about. They're a stay-at-home working class family, but one who only so happens to only contain one normal human and is set on an exotic alternate version of Earth.

This third book will likely be the last book focusing on that set of characters. It probably won't be the last story set on that world ( I do have an idea for a HOT RAPTOR GIRLS book feature the characters of Jirollo and Pirollo, who appeared in Book 2). I think people will see after I put the third book out that the ending should be satisfying and with the characters in a good place, but one that may not really work for further erotic adventure novels.

Just some random thoughts. I'll be posting this in several different sites, so let me know what you think!

-- PL

The Future of the Goblin (and Dino) Girls!

Paul Lucas

21 August 2016 at 18:53:00 MDT

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