Character commissions [closed] by TheScatterbrain

Historically I've only ever done commissions when I've had dentist- or other medical bills to pay, and guess what, I have dentist bills to pay.

I'll open up for some character commissions. All kinds of characters are fine with me - humans, anthros, monsters, weird aliens, you name it.

You can have either:

  • A simple bust for $20, inked and colored (similar to these)
  • A full body drawing for $35, also inked and colored and with a simple background/backdrop (similar to these, not necessarily with a square backdrop though)

I'll need some reference pictures of the character and anything else you want me to include, like a specific outfit and so on. A short description of what they're like helps too!

Payment is up front and handled via PayPal invoice.
If you want me to draw you something, send me a note or an email to

Character commissions [closed]


15 August 2016 at 10:55:34 MDT

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    Aaaaa if I had money at this exact moment I'd totally grab another one from you, I'll see if I can dig anything out, I looooooooooove the one you did before. I'll keep note on future if these will be accepted for a while?

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      Sure thing, just ask me about it if you end up wanting one.

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        Sweet! I'll let you know in future when I have something together. Thanks! ^.=.^

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    Gotta properly thank a friend of mine for pointing me your way. Gonna send a note your way when I have the time...

    Now to just decide which? ; w;

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      Nice! And ah, yeah, deciding is always hard :)