Had a vacation XD by UndyingSong

More specifically, animeclipart animeclipart came to visit for 2 weeks, and it was AWESOME! We saw a couple of movies, ate some sweets and stuff, stared at toys, did some painting, found an (apparently) abandoned doughnut shop and petted some cute dogs, among other things!

I had planned to get more work done while they were here, but it turned out that.. I got very little done! So I'm diving headlong back into commissions now. I need to take on/complete as much work as possible before they come to visit again (around November/December!)

So yeah, that means I am OPEN for commissions! Prices are up to (some) negotiation right now, so please do not hesitate to contact me for your artwork needs. animeclipart animeclipart is also open for commissions as well, feel free to check them out also !! :3

Had a vacation XD


14 August 2016 at 11:20:22 MDT

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    I admit a vacation is a pretty good idea, with these odd sleepless nights and hot weather taking s break sounds good.

    I'll have to checkout your prices again.

    I also haven't seen any abandoned donut shops in my area. That sounds like a sight to see. Was it overgrown in plants or just aged?

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      It was nice to spend time in person with someone I am so close with! :D

      My prices are up to some negotiation right now, so if you'd like anything, feel free to send a note my way with the idea <3

      Oddly enough, the donut shop looked fine from the outside. But there were no cars around.. We peaked into the window and it was COMPLETELY empty, and looked like it had been for quiiiite some time, despite the fact that there was a sign on the door saying what time it would be open again. Was very odd..

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      Uh, *peeked, rather. XD