New Commission Ideas for Next Year? I wanna hear from you! by Tikikata

Custom stickers, buttons, charms, maybe even pixel art? I'm trying to think of new ideas for commissions that I can sell at future conventions and my upcoming online store through my website. I wanna hear your ideas!

New Commission Ideas for Next Year? I wanna hear from you!


12 August 2016 at 18:29:49 MDT

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    paintings, custom character adopts. you make awesome hybrids so it would be really cool to see what animals you mke

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      I would love to do paintings! I bought some black canvas a while ago and maybe I could paint King or Stef for you sometime as an example piece? And woo! Adoptables are one of the biggest requests I get so I might schedule adoptable auctions every other Friday or something. That might be fun!

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        aawww~! u dont have to do that X3

        try making examples that you could sell instead like in art shows or painted adoptable characters like badge deals like with a badge or something to go with it.

        i know you need cash and i want to help create ideas for ya

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    I don't know about the difficulty of this, have you considered screen printing commissions? Like for Redbubble and all that.

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      I would LOVE to do shirts! Ever since high school, I've been wanting to do them. I tried getting a job to create shirts designs, but that fell through unfortunately. I will definitely look into this!

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    Ooooh!! I second the idea of shirts! I know it's kind of a different ball game, but that's what I've been working towards too! Just different cool designs people can easily wear on shirts!

    Also, STICKERS!! I loved going to IFC and seeing all of the buttons and stickers people had for sale! It was such an easy way to get art from different artists I liked, without having to just spend my money all in one place or on just badges!!

    Telegram stickers are also becoming super popular! I'm thinking about making a set of my own to see how hard they are to set up, but Riaan even told me that they're super easy and I know Stephanie and some other artists have had a lot of success selling them!!

    No matter what though, price yo shit accordingly girl!! You've become such a popular artist, you gotta meet the demand with your own demands. I hate seeing you be so successful but still hurt for money. Something isn't right if you're selling really well, but still coming up short. I hope this doesn't come off rude or anything, that's the last thing I want! I just wanna see you succeed!! <3

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      As I said above, shirt designs are something I've been wanting to do since high school, so that would be really flipping cool! And stickers -- man, you have no idea how addicted I am to collecting stickers. I would love to sell some. What kind of sticker ideas do you think would be cool? Maybe themed stickers like cats, dogs, sea life, sky life, etc.? And I'm not a Telegram user myself, but I've seen people doing a lot of Telegram stickers and might give it a shot.

      And nooo, not rude at all. I'm planning on upping the pricing of my regular commissions for MFF. If my current work situation falls through, I will have to fall back on my art to cover rent costs, and I want to be ready for that. The demand is so high right now. I have people messaging me several times a week asking if my commissions are open. It's all about finding that balance. I just want to finish my current queue and start new. Thank you, lovely, for all your suggestions and support! You know it means the world to me! <3