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Hello everyone! I am back from Megaplex and all kinds of eager to get back to work!!! I'll be giving you guys a little recap of what my time at Megaplex 2016 was like.

Friday morning around 6 AM marks the beginning of Megaplex 2016 for me. Along with Revolt we drove along the long near five hour stretch of road as we made our way to Orlando. Unfortunately pleasant wasn't the best way to describe my first feeling upon arriving since when we arrived at the host hotel around 10 we really felt unwelcome by the hotel staff. I remember feeling like the valet just wanted us out of the place. Since the parking was full we were rerouted back to a nearby 7/11 that had parking available behind it so after getting a spot and getting our stuff ready it was time to enter! It was nice to see the big hotel and the increased space that Megaplex seemed to have this year, at least until I figured out it wasn't quite as big as I first thought.

As some of you may know my favorite part of Megaplex is getting to be a part of the Artist Alley, making friends with fellow artists, working on sketches and quick commissions in a nice environment. This year instead Artist Alley was fused with the Dealers Den and was limited to one wall with what I think was 16 tables? Considering the fact that last year the Artist Alley was it's own section in the hallway near the entrance to the convention leading up to the Dealers Den and there were easily double the tables, this was a major let down. Regardless I didn't let it get me down and it was a lot of fun walking around the Dealers Den and seeing the awesome artists that inhabited it; I was really surprised to meet Kenket it was awesome (I even got their autograph~).

So after making the rounds and checking out all the tables to see if there was anything I'd like to buy I decided to wait until an Artist Alley table became available, it wouldn't be for a few more hours before that would happen. So when one finally popped up I was all excited and waited for the previous artist to make their way out so I could stake my claim and get set up for an awesome day. Few minutes later I'm set up and shut down. Apparently they had decided out of the blue to set up a wait list/queue type thing which I was all for but since it was majorly out of the blue and I wasn't even aware of it it was severely annoying that right after I had everything set up I was informed of it and booted out of my table. What annoys me the most is that I'm sure that the idea for the waiting list was birthed way after I began waiting for a table to pop up. But whatever, I decided to play nice and get out of the table to join the "official" queue of my fellow rejected artists.

Unfortunately I didn't make it far in the waiting list since when it came around 3 PM it was time for Revolt and I to head out and check into our hotel. Our hotel was thankfully only a two minute drive away so it wasn't too far but when we got there and relax in the bed it was already pretty much decided that that was the end of the day for us. The rest of the day was spent relaxing in a nice air conditioned room with a king sized bed~! Plus we ordered pizza and watched Zootopia so for sure it was not a missed opportunity for the day.

Saturday morning! Alright, bright and early we rose. I was determined to get there as early as I could so I could secure a spot for the day or at least not have to wait too long for one to become available to me. I was wrong. I got there around 9:45 AM, I didn't get in until around 5 PM. The line was soooo slow in moving since obviously no one wanted to leave the Artist Alley. I ended up only being able to make it for two hours because of this but on the plus side I did manage to sell a few stickers and buttons so that was awesome. Plus during the (annoyingly long) time I was waiting in line I had a perfect seat for the Fursuit Parade! It was really awesome seeing the many many MANY fursuits parading down the hall; I ended up getting almost half an hours worth of video from it. After the long day of waiting though and the fact I couldn't get in until the day was pretty much over I ended up feeling a little depressed which I was worried was going to end up ruining my trip.

Sunday morning!!! I ended up waking up a bit too early accidentally even though I was planning on going around 6 AM so I could make sure I was within the first group of people to get into the Artist Alley. Around 8 is when I finally decided I would head down to the convention so I could begin the long wait. Thankfully this time around though I managed to get there on time since I was set to be in the first group of artists to get in. They were also including in a new thing where artists could only be at a table for four hours before they would be switched out for someone else waiting for a turn. If only they had included that the other days then I might've had more of a chance. By 9:55 AM we were let in with a five minute window before 10 AM so we could set up and be ready for the con-goers to come in and inspect our wares.

Around now I can finally tell you guys what my table was like, I had a nice binder with a few examples of my work to a corner. My sketchbook and pad in front of me so I could doodle and work on fresh examples as I waited for someone to check out my table. I had a bunch of stickers and buttons all along the front of my table with a price sheet that next year I'll have to make sure is more visible since I feel like a lot of people weren't aware I was selling the stickers and buttons, let alone sketches.

Sunday was a lot more fun since I pretty much was able to stay for the whole day since there were a lot less artists waiting in line (I imagine the previous two days of uncertainty killed off some of them). I was able to make some new friends with the artists sitting next to me and was able to sell and sketch a lot more~. All I know is that I cannot wait for the next year, I'm all eager to get back to it! I'm thinking that I'll check out some more conventions and maybe widen up my "tour" schedule. Do you guys know any furry conventions or anime conventions that you'd like for me to make an appearance at? I'd love to meet my fans wherever they are!!!

TL:DR - Friday I felt unwelcome and was kicked off my table after having waited multiple hours for it but did have fun browsing the dealers den. Saturday I waited all day in the line and was able to enjoy the fursuit parade before finally being let in for only two hours. Sunday I was able to be in the Artist Alley all day and had a lot more fun and made some new friends. Do you guys know an anime or furry convention you'd like for me to make an appearance in? If so let me know below and I might add it to my "tour".

Megaplex Aftermath


10 August 2016 at 13:59:55 MDT

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