Commissions Open! [FULL] by Samael

Commissions are beginning again!

Welcome to the new commission info form, I guess! Lets see how it works out!
This is all gonna be going down on the Stream. Comments requesting slots on my journal, in notes, etc. will not be accepted - notes are only used once a slot is fully confirmed.

Stream ->
If its not running immediately, its due to me uploading some of my backlog.
It will be clear when I am handling commissions as there will be a list on the screen.

Slots - 0/5 Sketches, 0/1 Flat Colour.
Prices - £10 Base for Sketch, £20 base for Flat Colour. Extra Characters, Backgrounds and Options HERE.
Max Commissions Per Slot - 1. This may increase on future days!
Theme - None specific. On future days, it may be limited to a specific zone of interest. Some days may be for fat animals or sci-fi or taurs, or whatever! Themes I am willing or unwilling to draw are listed at the bottom of the journal.
Bonuses - None today! On future days, this may include free characters, backgrounds or sale prices.
Format - Raffled, on Stream. Rules for Raffles are HERE and my stream is located HERE. Once you get a slot, please use the Commission Form a the bottom of THIS page - you can submit it to me via a note here or on a note on my FA Page. If you do not have accounts on either, DM me on Twitter, tumblr, wherever works. Just let me know where you intend to contact me in advance!

We will begin once we have at least 10 people present on the stream (or an hour passes) to allow enough people a chance to get on. If I get everything finished in good time, I may open to more later in the day - I intend to be doing an all day stream.

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Projects Page
Themes I
Themes II
Themes III
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Commissions Open! [FULL]


6 August 2016 at 21:56:09 MDT

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    What times do the streams for slots happen????

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      There is no specific time due to the fact I have a lot of problems with a consistent sleep pattern. As such, they can go live at any time, but I will always announce them on here - usually, I also announce them on my art tumblr and my twitter account.

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        Thanks Sammy!! :D