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Commissions Postponed Till 2017 by MothSicleSuits

Hello everyone! I just wanted to give a heads up that my commissions will probably be postponed until 2017.
I will be going through a few personal changes this year and commissions can add to every day stress. I also want to get a bit more practice in to try some new techniques before taking commissions. No worries, I wont stop making suits and I will finish the two commissions I already have in my queue!!

I have a lot of supplies in my work room that is taking up space, I will be using it to make pre-made heads and partials that I will put up for auction. I also have some personal projects I need to finish in time for next years FWA.

This means you still have a chance to get a suit from me if you keep an eye out on my pre-mades! Sorry for the inconvenience everyone.

I hope you all have a lovely day!


Commissions Postponed Till 2017


5 August 2016 at 06:37:11 MDT

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