I quit? by KorkuSnowBeast

Hello! You probably don't know me or any of my drawings, but I want to tell this anyways. I don't care about favorites, I care about comments, interaction with you guys. But I can't see that.
I draw for others, for your entertainment, not mine. I have learned so much while drawing for you, but with out any reaction to them... I can't continue. I don't see purpose to continue...

I quit?


4 August 2016 at 05:46:49 MDT

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    Unfortunately that just seems to be how weasyl is there's only very few that actually say or comment on anything even the popular posts have nothing compared to how other websites are, weasyl has such a nice design but the community is just non exsistant for the most part and with many artists just using it as a backup or art dump it just feels like a backup site

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      It's not just Weasyl, but Furaffinity too.

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        Well I haven't been on fa in such a long time but i do remember people being more chatty but that was years ago it could be diffrent now with all the people who left i hosntly have no idea anymore where the best place to be is as an artist

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          Yeah... I could stick with Facebook, there people atleast say something. Bit I can't post that kind of art there :/

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            Twitter and tumblr don't mind 18+ stuff but they arent art sites exactly and twitter is much the same now that i think about it just people likeing the tweet with the art