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Objects (77 TOTAL):
DDR Arrow (M) (old objectsona)
Just Dance Logo (F)
Billfold (M)
Chakra (F)
Warhead (M)
OneNote (F) (adopted from dreamy-limey)
Magazine (F)
Eyeliner (F)
Scoreboard (M)
Conga (F)
Soundboard (M)
Graphics Card (M)
Red Ring of Death (M)
Soundcloud (F)
Drawing Tablet (F)
Mahjong Tile (F) (adopted from finchcat200)
Strawberry Yogurt (F) (adopted from Nina-NintyRobo)
Clover (F) (adopted from Carol2015) (new objectsona) (in relationship with Yoyleberry)
GarageBand (M)
Turntable (M)
Doghouse (M) (adopted from First-Mate-Klovers)
Krystal (F)
Butter Knife (F)
Ping Pong Paddle (M)
Chessboard (F)
Cilantro Leaf (M) (in relationship with Basil Leaf)
Basil Leaf (F) (in relationship with Cilantro Leaf)
Ukulele (F)
Travel Guide (F)
Blueberry Lemonade (F) (adopted from TheShiningTopaz)
DVD Player (F) (adopted from TheShiningTopaz)
Shock Arrow (M)
Freeze Arrow (M)
Origami Crane (M)
Febreze Air Freshener (F)
Gummy Pepper (M)
Medal (M)
Rainbow Ring (F)
Glittery Guitar (M)
Rainbow Rose (F)
Cherry Soda (F)
Root Beer (M)
Snow Cone Syrup (F)
Message in a Bottle (M)
Misting Fan (M)
Cocktail Umbrella (F)
Hibiscus (F)
Anchor (M)
Dog Object (M) (adopted from DaddySteam)
Earmuffs (F) (adopted from FirstHelmetDrop1998)
Bath Bomb (M) (adopted from TheShiningTopaz)
Earbuds (M)
Staples Button (M)
Hockey Puck (M)
Sandal (M)
Whoopie Cushion (M)
Birdhouse (M)
Tranquilizer Gun (M)
Soos (M)
Wiffle Ball (M)
Pocket Shot (M)
Eye Monster Lollipop (M)
Spitballs (M)
Not-a-Cat Cat (F)
Hyper Lips (no gender)
Sphero (F)
Giant Gumball Full of Nerds (M)
Unicorn Lamp (M)
Ghost Pepper (M)
Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper (F)
Carolina Reaper Pepper (F)
Magnetic Orbs (M and F)
Joker Birthday Card (M)
Wallet Ninja (M)
Candy Dispenser (F)
Yoyleberry (M) (given to from JoshuaTheSmallOne) (in relationship with Clover)

Pokemon (33 TOTAL):
Snowflake (Prinplup) (M) (in relationship with Infernum) (pokesona)
Carina (Servine) (F)
Marina (Luxio) (F)
Infernum (Shiny Ninetales) (F) (in relationship with Snowflake)
Shuriken (Starmie) (Genderless)
Zuna (Xatu) (F)
Aquamarine (Spoink) (M)

Lynn (Fennekin) (F)
Fuego (Litten) (M) (in relationship with Ebony)
Ebony (Absol) (F)
Jade (Zorua) (F)
Alexandria (Umbreon) (F)
Cyan (Dewott) (M)
Noah (Zorua) (M) (in relationship with Sophia)
Halie (Umbreon) (F) (in relationship with Lucienne)
Eilah (Umbreon) (F)
Ember (Dewott) (F)
Emrik (Dewott) (M)
Skye (Pachirisu) (F)
Beta (Sceptile) (M)
Andrew (Mightyena) (M)
Amelia (Mightyena) (F)
Sophia (Flareon) (F) (in relationship with Noah)
Lucienne (Emolga) (F) (in relationship with Halie)
Lauren (Espeon) (F)
Kashi (Glaceon) (F)
Chari (Sylveon) (F)
Zeke (Pikachu) (M)
Kona (Chespin) (M)
Sia (Piplup) (F)
Mark (Luxio) (M)
Anxia (Delcatty) (F)
Marv (Delibird) (M)

Anthro (16 TOTAL):
Shade (Wolf) (M)
Rebecca (Cat) (F)
Cyan (Wolf) (M) (fursona)
Dusk (Wolf)(M)
Dawn (Wolf) (F)
Lina (Cat) (F) (adopted from FlickerFlameh)
Sora (Cat) (F) (adopted from FlickerFlameh)
Erika (Fox) (F)
Razor (Dog) (M) (in relationship with Yukon)
Yukon (Dog) (M) (in relationship with Razor)
Rossi (Dog) (M)
Scene (Dog) (F)
Humphrey (Dog) (M)
Mira (Deer) (F)
Cheri (Wolf) (F)
Tori (Wolf) (F)

Stickmen (3 TOTAL):
Kyanos/Cyan (M) (old persona)
Flare (M)
Iris (F)

Spherebees (2 TOTAL):
Justi (M)
Dimi (M)

Androids and CMPs (2 TOTAL):
Valkyrie (VAL-626) (M) (android persona)
Justi (CMP-JUS) (M)

Humans (10 TOTAL):
Vincent (M) (main persona)
Shima (F)
Cerise (F)
Lucy (F)
Sebastian (M)
Sashi (M)
Faith (F)
Ethan (M)
Chase (M)
Hailey (F)

TOTAL: 141

Current OC List


3 August 2016 at 13:39:49 MDT

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