It's about that time again. [Updates] by Tikikata

It's about that time again; when college gets back into session and I'm stuck at a register for eight hours a day, five days a week. I'm hoping that things calm down enough for me to actually SIT and work on art I owe. Next week, I'm going back to my dad's house and hope to focus on some art while I'm there.

With that, by MFF, I will be raising my prices again to lessen the workload. I've been finding people buying art over the $60 standard price, and right now, my workload is crazy busy and that is why things have been slow. I do take time on every piece I do, because you should always get what you paid for. Money is not the issue right now; it's the overabundance of work I need to do, and I will need to fix that for next year. I'm very thankful that my commissioners have been crazy patient as I work through everything as quickly as possible, and with my schedule getting flipped upside-down as of late, I haven't been on schedule with my art. I will fix that for next year, and prices will be going up.

If you are still waiting on a commission, do not worry, I haven't forgotten. I try to keep my Trello updated, but I haven't gotten to adding GLFC and AC stuff yet. I want to be able to clear MCFC and AO stuff first.

Questions and concerns can always be directed to my e-mail (ahnahyouki[at] I do answer messages on here, but I prefer e-mail communication as it helps me be more organized with questions and general contact.

It's about that time again. [Updates]


30 July 2016 at 12:23:53 MDT

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