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UPDATES!: Schedule change, sketchpages and important info! by pac


while my hubby still does not have his official schedule yet, i'm going to start my new one now. it may still be subject to change but for now it will be as follows:


(i may change that to mon - thurs to leave fridays open for other things, but we will see)


with picarto's latest improvements underway i am going to give picarto a more thorough test run. my usual URL will now forward to my picarto page ( and i will be using the service for a week. this may be permanent but for now it is only temporary.


i gotta be honest with everyone. i am getting pretty burnt out on sketchpage commissions. they are my most popular commission item, and for good reason! you get a lot of high quality art for a low hourly rate. as such, though, it accounts for probably 90% of my commissions over the course of a month. i love how consistent i can get the work (thanks to many awesome return customers <3) but it's turning out to be very taxing on me. i mostly draw non stop for the allotted time which is physically exhausting. it's also very easy to get burnt out on them, mentally.

as long as they're available, i am not dissuading anyone from getting them! please don't let this shoo you away, i offer them because i want to! HOWEVER i will probably be taking a break from them in the near future and making changes to the product. the price may increase slightly (as i had been planning to do for a long while now), and i might limit the amount of them i take or change the way i do them. either way, my majority workload can no longer be sketchpage after sketchpage. i will keep everyone updated and i will try to do make other affordable specials available in their absence.


first and foremost these are not referencing anyone in particular!! i love and appreciate all my commissioners and these are just aggregate topics that come up frequently enough for to address from time to time.

i only need information pertaining to what i am drawing.
i love when people talk about their characters. i like knowing that they are excited about them and share it with my stream audience. however, when it comes to information i need to complete the commission, i really just need the concise visual information necessary to complete your commission. too much information not pertinent to what i'm drawing or making the information too long winded runs the risk of me me getting something wrong or, in the case of hourly sketchpages, wastes your limited time. if your commission is from a story or a long bio, please summarize to what is essential for conveying what you want in your commission. sending me this info ahead of time (through email) if preferred (but not required), especially if you want to spend most of your time during the stream socializing and talking about your rad characters!

if you want something changed, SPEAK UP!
don't worry, i'm a big girl, i can take it. if there's something that you want changed, let me know. don't dance around the topic, be passive aggressive about it or wait too long. the sketch phase is the time for you to change major things like pose, composition, character details, etc. these things are often hard to change or unchangeable once i've finished inking. color, shading, markings, patterns, contrast, etc can all be adjusted during the coloring/rendering phase. while i appreciate you asking "what do you think?", for your commission the best answer is the one you decide you like best. more often than not my choices are overruled in the end by the commissioner's personal preference (which is fine!) so be confident in what you want out of your commission! if you are not present in the stream and i have emailed you a preliminary, please gather all of your changes into ONE response! stretching them over multiple messages runs the risk of me missing them!

reminders for joint commissions and using other people's characters
i require that you get permission from creators of all characters you are using in a commission. it is the commissioner's responsibility to get the sketch approval of anyone else involved in the commission if they are not present while i am making the piece. as mentioned in the previous topic, certain things can only be changed during certain phases. once i get the OK from whoever commissioned me, those aspects of the commission cannot be changed without additional cost! make sure everyone involved is on board with any preliminaries i send before giving me the thumbs up!

sorry for the wall of text! let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

UPDATES!: Schedule change, sketchpages and important info!


24 July 2016 at 20:34:47 MDT

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    how much may i ask the sketch page stuff goes? also is there set dates for streams? i would hate to miss out. this all of course falls under if your open and if the line aint too long of a wait.

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      and shot myself in the foot just saw the tos and week sched, the big question is i assume you dont do adult work? just i never seen any from you so i thought id ask in case of i need to think up a plan b for comm deets.

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        stream this week is going to be tues-fri, 3pm-10pm, though i am likely changing it to mon-thurs after that. i am still doing sketchpages, but i do not do adult work, sorry! you can find all my commission information here:

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          3pm - 10pm central, that is