The trick by Onic

I don't believe in tricks. Sure, people are gullible, so in that sense I'm on board. It's those things that people tell you are capable of "tricking life" that I don't believe in. Instead, if you look closely, there is advice to listen to, and observations to be made. You can learn so much by just watching and keeping your mouth shut. I'm speaking to myself here, so don't feel offended as I offer some of my thought processes.

All that to say what I've learned is not a trick, it simply makes sense:

You have to DO THINGS.

All the wishes, ideas, and intentions in the world will never make things happen. If you want something, pining after it will gain only heartache. It's the combination of thought processes and physical actions that affect the world around you.

I've enjoyed the past few weeks in that they afforded me the time to reach this perspective, ponder it, and accept that it is my new method of approaching my life. Now I must DO THINGS to show that I actually believe it. I have music to create, stories to write, people to visit, blogs to design, soundtracks to score, collaborations to manifest, students to teach, work to do, food to eat and dreams to sleep to. It's a never ending process, and I feel exhausted just thinking about it, but you know what? That is what my life consists of. I cannot keep hoping for this heavenly interim where I get to do all I ever wanted to do, but "never had time." Making the most of each moment, learning to enjoy the now, is all I want for my life, so that is what I am aiming toward. I expect to be discouraged in the future - at which point I will likely continue writing some of my most personally profound poetry ever ;3 - but as long as I expect it, I won't be surprised when it comes. I'm prepared for those dilemmas, so they do not stick as long. I can even plan on how to overcome obstacles before they hit me, that way the unforeseen obstacles are less problematic when they rear dark and ugly before my goals.

Meanwhile, I will continue to glean inspiration and motivation from the sources that provide it: music, stories, and relationships. Those things are the fuel for what I create, especially the relationships. It's not about an audience, it's knowing I can have an impact in other people's lives that may improve their outlook, or galvanize them to create something of their own.

The trick


11 March 2013 at 21:36:25 MDT

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    "Man knows that nothing will begin unless he speaks and that nothing will change unless he moves.” – Trigun

    I have so many quotes that relate quite well to this journal, as its a topic I think about quite often myself. I always feel as though I'm never doing enough things for my life to be worth it, and sometimes I have so many things I want to do that I simply break down and do nothing. Thankfully, I'm still somewhat young, which is something I have to continuously remind myself. My favorite quote, and the one I try and live by every day is this:

    “What’s the point of getting up in the morning unless you’re gonna have an adventure? As the moments of our life are ticking away you have to be aware that it needs to be an adventure” – Hans Zimmer

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    That is a brilliant quote from a composer of great inspiration to me. I agree wholeheartedly. We need to approach life with anticipation of great things.